A League of Their Own to Combat Social Equity: GBT to launch on March 6

Grand News Network | March 4, 2024

Sydney, NSW, Australia, 4th Mar 2024 – GiveBackToken is the digital asset of a distinctive global FOUNDATION whose members are committed to bridging social gaps and differences in order to promote equality and unity within their global family.

As the first of its kind, Give Back Token (GBT) has announced its Fair Lunch set for March 6, 2024, at 0700 UTC. The newest digital currency aims to promote social equality through the means of charitable donations determined by the token’s ever-growing community members. The Australian-based project has implemented a range of innovative strategies to ensure the longevity and sustainability of its token, such as its low-percentage tax funding the donations wallet, intervalled burns for its first six months, and almost ⅙ of the collective supply locked away for its first year. With the goal of bridging gaps in social inequity, GBT recognises that its community members are not just voices for the sake of charitability but, for many, are individuals who are, directly or indirectly, affected by the causes they advocate for – adding an extra layer to the innovative project’s long-term viability.

A League of Their Own to Combat Social Equity: GBT to launch on March 6

The Ins and Outs: Tokenomics and Supply Allocation

GBT has declared a supply of one quadrillion in total, divided with 53% allocated to CEX and DEX platforms, 33% held in the burn wallet, where 5.5% is ordered to be burnt monthly, and 14% locked away for the first twelve months from the launch. Furthermore, the project has ensured a low 1% buy and sell tax which will cumulatively fund the donation wallet and marketing.

The Road Less Travelled: The Three Phases of the Future

Give Back Token’s roadmap has been sectioned into three phases. The first outlines goals in being listed on both CoinMarketCap and Coingecko, launching their Ambassador Program (where there are delegated individuals to each country, offering translating and familiar support for the ever growing community), obtaining a contract audit with many audits, and furthering their promotions and partnerships.

Upon completion of this, the project shifts into their second phase, with ambitions directed at the development of their designer school, have their charity program up-and-running, merchandising, and the opportunity to promote the social utility on a larger scale. Following this, Phase Three highlights objectives relating to GBT’s first visa/mastercard, its own exchange, the GBT wallet, and the introduction of community conferences. 

What Does This Mean for the Future?

With the idea of utilising cryptocurrency to fight social injustices being overlooked or undervalued in the past, GBT’s innovative and fresh ideas have put them in a league of their own. The team members behind the token all share a similar goal: to promote, support and advocate for social equality. It is with this that Give Back Token will utilise its large telegram community (twenty-thousand members just days before its launch) in a voting system to delegate the monthly funds accumulated in the donation wallet. The project has outlined a number of disadvantaged sectors they endeavour to support, such as promoting education, assisting seniors, environmental conservation, gender equality, access to healthcare, animal welfare, and disaster relief.

With just days until its launch, GBT’s initiative fosters the long-striven goal of hope for an equal world. The project believes that with the incorporation of its community input, members are able to feel included and valued, collectively working towards a better future for all. By starting this project completely digital, GBT has ensured their audience has built to a global scale and thus diversifying their contribution for change. 

Although the exact future is undetermined, Give Back Token’s past and present are a gift for a brighter tomorrow.

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