Breaking the Chains: Scientologists Lead the Charge Against Drug Abuse in Sardinia, Italy

Grand News Network | March 12, 2024

In Sardinia, a movement led by volunteers, including Scientology parishioners, is educating the public on drug prevention and combatting drug abuse. Through distributing educational materials and engaging with residents, they are making a significant impact in key areas like Cagliari, Olbia, Nuoro, and Serrenti. Inspired by a shared belief in combating drug abuse, Scientologists globally are working tirelessly to break down barriers and empower communities to resist drug addiction, contributing to the creation of healthier societies.

Brussels, Brussels, Belgium, 12th Mar 2024 – Sardinia, an island located in Italy has been facing challenges, with drug and alcohol addiction, especially among its young people. The area, including its capital city Cagliari, has seen signs of drug distribution with reports pointing out the use of substances such as hashish, marijuana, opiates and cocaine among students, in school. 

Fortunately, in the heart of Sardinia, among the landscapes of Cagliari, Olbia, Nuoro and the charming town of Serrenti a remarkable movement is taking place. Volunteers, led by Scientology parishioners, are hitting the streets with the goal of general and public benefit interest: “to share crucial information, on drug prevention and combat drug abuse”. This effort is part of a global prevention campaign led by the ‘Drug-Free World‘ Foundation in partnership with the Church of Scientology, and it is effectively educating the public about the risks associated with drug use.

During a period from Saturday 9 to Wednesday 13 March these dedicated volunteers are interacting with residents, distributing numerous educational booklets that discuss the immediate and long-term effects of common street drugs as well as the hazards linked to prescription drugs and painkiller misuse. They are also making these materials available in stores to ensure that their message reaches an audience.

The impact of this initiative is significant, as evidenced by testimonials from individuals, teachers and adults who recognize the importance of making choices regarding substance use. There is this touching account shared by a man, in Cagliari, who had a moment of realization about the risks associated with marijuana after receiving a booklet. “I know this booklet because people had distributed it outside my school. I was in eighth grade and I was smoking pot because it made me feel cool. After reading it carefully, I realised the danger I was in. And I immediately decided to stop. The information in this simple booklet saved me from drugs. I remember that I had also tried to convince other friends”, he said, recognizing the significant impact of the Drug Free World movement. His experience serves as a testament to how the campaign not only educates individuals but motivates them to make positive changes in their lives and those around them.

The grassroots movement in Sardinia mirrors the initiatives undertaken by Scientologists globally to combat drug abuse through education and prevention. They are inspired and driven by a deep-seated belief in the words of L. Ron Hubbard that “drugs are the most destructive element in our present culture,” and are committed to this cause, tirelessly working to ensure that their message reaches as many people as possible. By engaging with communities, sharing stories of transformation and dispelling misconceptions about drug use they are effectively breaking down barriers. Their tireless efforts serve as a beacon of hope showcasing that informed communities have the strength to resist falling into patterns of drug abuse and addiction.

The unwavering commitment shown by Scientologists and volunteers towards this cause serves as a reminder of how a dedicated few can make an impact on society. Whether working in centers or smaller suburban areas their message remains clear; every individual saved from the grips of drug abuse is a testament, to their endeavors.

Facing the challenges posed by drug related issues in our society, the dedicated work of volunteers, in Sardinia and other regions serves as an example of how education, empathy and proactive measures can help establish communities from drugs. To sum up, the projects in Cagliari, Olbia, Nuoro and Serrenti are not just endeavors but integral parts of a movement championed by Scientologists and similar volunteers aiming to protect the well-being of communities worldwide. Their steadfast dedication to preventing drug abuse through education serves as a source of inspiration, for all of us to unite against substance misuse and contribute to creating a healthier and better society.

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